Information for Foreign Residents in Hakodate [在住外国人の方への情報]


We provide foreign residents in Hakodate with information necessary for their life in Hakodate.


Information Regarding COVID-19


 Support related to COVID-19※Procedures available at Hakodate City Hall


 Information Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)  (Outside Link)



 Emergency Numbers/Traffic Accidents/Thefts/Fire/Disease & Injury (call ambulance) /Earthquakes


 Guide for when you are feeling ill (Outside Link)


Living Orientation Video For Foreign Residents

  About Hakodate/At City Hall/Tax/Public Transportation in Hakodate/Health and Medical/Waste Disposal/ Child rearing and education


  Emergencies/Japanese Language Classes/Hakodate Consultation Center for Foreign Residents/Providing Information


City of Hakodate Outline

 Geography/History/Data (Climate & Population)/City Hall Access Map


Tourist Information

Daily Information for Foreign Residents


Sister Cities and Friendship City of Hakodate

  • Halifax(Canada)
  • Vladivostok(Russia)
  • LakeMacquarie(Australia)
  • Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk(Russia)
  • Tianjin(PRC)
  • Goyang(South Korea)



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