Foreign Residents’ Assistance Desk [外国人生活相談窓口]


We offer consultation services for foreigners facing difficulties in their lives in Hakodate. Please feel free to contact us. Visit two locations or contact by phone, mail or e-mail.




Hokkaido International Foundation

14-1 Motomachi

Open 9:00~17:30 (Closed on Sat. Sun. National Holidays and Dec. 29~Jan.3)

TEL 0138-86-6065



Consultants speak Japanese, Chinese and English.

   We accept the consultation by the following languages through the phone interpretation.

 한국/ภาษาไทย/Tiếng việt nam/Orang Indonesia/ नेपाली /Português/Espanol/

  Le français/Deutsch/italiano/русский/Melayu/ မြန်မာ /ខ្មែរ។/Монгол/සිංහල

※Hokkaido International Foundation is in charge of the consultation service for City of Hakodate.




■International & Intercity Affairs Section (Hakodate City Hall 6F)

4-13 Shinonome-cho

Open 8:45~17:30 (Closed on Sat, Sun, National Holidays and Dec. 29~Jan.3)

TEL 0138-21-3619




What you can consult about

  • Visa Application, Work, Hospital, Tax, Pension, Birth, Parenting, Child Education, Disaster, Housing, Marriage, Divorce, Domestic Violence, etc

      ※ For information on job location, go to Hello Work Hakodate: 0138-26-0735.  Language assistant must be accompanied.


Who are we?

  • - Staff of International & Intercity Affairs Section (city hall) and Hokkaido International Foundation


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